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Yes to low monthly payments you can afford Yes even if you've been turned down before Yes Money can make it happen! At Conn's, credit is just a click away. You can apply and get approved for your Yes Money within minutes

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  • (877) 358-1252

    Customer Service Helpdesk

    • - To speak to a live customer service representative for general assistance

  • (800) 511-5750

    Credit Account Information & Payments

    • - To use our automated system or speak to a live credit representative

  • (855) CONN-FIX

    Product Repair Service

    • - To schedule a repair appointment or check the status of a product needing repairs

  • (877) 472-5422

    Online Credit Application Inquiries

    • - To apply for credit or inquire about a credit application that has been submitted

  • (866) 765-1513

    Conn's Web Store

    • - General questions regarding our online web store

  • (877) 472-5358

    Warranty Renewal

    • - To renew the warranty on your product purchased at Conn's

  • (888) 614-5627

    Career Hotline

    • - To inquire about employment opportunities at Conn's

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